Advertising at
Avant Première
Music + Media Market Berlin

Avant Première Music + Media Market Berlin is the largest international trade fair for performing arts films, drawing 600 international experts involved in the production, distribution and broadcasting of cultural TV programmes. Advertising at Avant Première allows you to position your brand prominently in front of key players in the performing arts film industry, helping you expand your global network + visibility.

While advertising opportunities are generally open to all industry-related brands, IMZ Members enjoy numerous discounts and advantageous package deals.
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On-Site Advertising 2023


Show your commercial or advertising to a captive audience: right before the Avant Première Screenings. There's no better time and place to promote your brand in front of prominent buyers and decision makers of the industry.
A maximum of 3 commercial slots are available with a max. length of 5 seconds each.

1 day: €1,600
1 day for IMZ Members: €1,200* - save 25%

4 days: €5,000
4 days for IMZ Members: €3,750* - save 25%


The entrance banner is located at the main entrance to Avant Première and gives a first impression to all visitors.
You may select the individual position of your advert on the banner, depending on availability.

84 cm x 54,5 cm: €1,200 EUR
84 cm x 54,5 cm for IMZ Members: €900* - save 25%
84 cm x 109 cm: €2,000
84 cm x 109 cm for IMZ Members: €1,500* - save 25%

Avant Première Lounge Area

Add your company’s name and logo to Avant Première’s most popular networking area! Located within the Hotel Scandic Bar, the Lounge Area is exclusive to Avant Première participants, offering numerous special deals to attendees seeking to unwind, talk business or hold a meeting. Gives maximum exposure over four days in a prime location.

Price for Non-IMZ Members: €7,500
Price for IMZ Members*: €5,500


Place your ad in the Networking Lounge, where everyone meets for coffee and networking in a relaxed atmosphere.

100 cm x 35 cm: €875
100 cm x 35 cm for IMZ Members: €700* - save 20%


Present your brand at eye-level in a central, large-format display at the frequented Coffee Station area. 2 Displays are available.

90 cm x 90 cm: €800
90 cm x 90 cm for IMZ Members: €640* - save 20%


Present your company as an exhibitor to professionals in the audiovisual industry and the performing arts. Enjoy four days of intense exposure and the opportunity to inform and interact with your target group. Included in the price is one Standard Online Booth in the Online Exhibitor's Area (upgradeable to a Premium Online Booth for an additional €300).

Price for Non-IMZ Members: €2,800
Price for IMZ Members*: €1,950


Present your production or image film either during screeing breaks or in the Networking Area: The latter will see it played in loops during the whole duration of Avant Première. Videos in the networking area will be muted.

30-second advertising video: €640
30-second advertising video for IMZ Members: €320* - save 50%

Online Advertising 2023

Online Exhibitor's Booth

Present your company as a whole in this highly visible section of the digital Avant Première event tool, b2match: the Online Exhibitor Area. There are two types to choose from: Each standard online booth includes: 2x company logo; 1 link to your company website and profile on b2match; 1 key visual; 1 profile image, with the option of linking to the profiles of all your staffers attending Avant Première; 1x company trailer; 1x promotion banner.

Each Premium Booth features a 2x profile image; up to 3 promotion links;1x Link to your company's digital networking space; lead generation through customised welcome messages and automated responses; and analytics to measure performance. Please note that 1x standard online booth is included in the price of an On Site Booth, and is upgradable to premium for an additional €300.

Standard Online Booth: €900
Standard Online Booth for IMZ Members: €500

Premium Online Booth: €1,200
Premium Online Booth for IMZ Members: €800

Avant Première Online Library

Make your company stand out in the one place that unites on-site + online participants: the official Avant Première 2023 Online Library!

web banner 490 x 100 px (landscape): €2,000

Website Banner next to every video on media.imz

Get exposure on every single video available in the Avant Première section on This includes Avant Première Screening Catalogue Showreels, Interviews, etc.

165 x 825 px (portrait): €430

Avant Première Website

Get exposure on the Avant Première Website and present your business visibly at the first and foremost point of information. Due to the evolving nature of the programming, Avant Première participants check in regularly for updates, which maximises the effectivity for your advertisement.

on the landing page - 490 x 100 px (landscape): €430
on a subpage (except programme item) - 490 x 100 px (landscape): €430

Website Banner on a sponsored programme page

Present your company on the website of a specific agenda item of the Avant Première Programme!

490 x 100 px (landscape): €430

Avant Première Mailings

IMZ Mailings are a crucial source of information for IMZ Members and other parties interested in updates on the performing arts film and cultural TV industry. Place your banner on our full mailing list and get your message delivered to 25,000 valuable industry contacts!

Avant Première Mailings - 600 x 160px (landscape): €2,100
Avant Première Mailings to IMZ Members only - 600 x 160px (landscape): €1,100

Website Banner next to every IMZ Newsletter article on news.imz

The IMZ Consumer + Industry Newsletters are sent out monthly to 10,000 + 7,000 subscribers respectively. Position your brand on every newsletter article on!
This includes all articles in the archive.

165 x 825 px (portrait): €430

Welcome Package for Avant Première Participants

Logo on Festival Bag

Make a movable object your unstoppable force in advertising
and secure your brand's exposure on our Festival bag
for on-site / welcome package for online participants.

size tbd:€2,700

Bag insert booklet

Position your brand and tell your story in a booklet that will be inserted in every welcome bag handed out to participants. Your brand’s message will be included in every festival bag + welcome package given to every single Avant Première participant.

Max. size 10,5 cm x 14,8 cm €600

Bag insert flyer

Position your brand and give a quick overview of your business in a flyer that will be inserted in every welcome bag handed out to participants. Your brand’s message will be included in every festival bag + welcome package given to every single Avant Première participant.

Max. size 10,5 cm x 14,8 cm €400

Avant Première Catalogue

Gain exposure in our most essential publication: The Avant Première Catalogue lists more than 600 film productions and serves as a guide and point of reference for all participants – during the event and throughout the year.

U2 (20,5 cm x 29,7 cm): €2,200
U3 (20,5 cm x 29,7 cm): €2,050
U4 (21 cm x 29,7 cm): €2,500
Full page (21 cm x 29,7 cm): €950
Half page (21 cm x 14,8 cm): €550
Catalogue bookmark: €1,000


Sent out to IMZ Members + stakeholders at the end of the year along with season’s greetings, the IMZ Activity Report is also handed out to Avant Première participants and distributed throughout the following year at numerous events. Benefit from a stand-alone position in one of the most relevant printed materials of the IMZ.

U1 Sujet (21 cm x 21 cm): €1,700
U2 (21 cm x 21 cm): €1,400
U3 (21 cm x 21 cm): €1,300
U4 (21 cm x 21 cm): €1,500
Full page (21 cm x 21 cm): €850
Half page (10,5 cm x 21 cm): €450

Exclusive Advert on the Avant Première Programme Folder

Present your advert in one of the most prominent places: The Avant Première Programme Folder, which is not only an essential item for every participant but also distributed throughout the venue in a highly visible manner.

size tbd: €1,500

Packages 2023

All in one-Packages: Advertise more, pay less!*
Boost your exposure and strengthen your brand recognition by booking a package deal and promoting your brand across various Avant Première advertising spaces.

Packages are an exclusive offer for IMZ Members and a great way to save an additional 25%!

Screening Package

(max 3. Packages available)

Commercial before the Avant Première Screening (1 day): €1,200
1 Free Festival Pass**: €495
Full Page Catalogue Advertisement:€950

Regular Price:€2,645
Package Price:€2,000
SAVE €645!

* IMZ Members only
** Packages are calculated on an Standard Festival Pass form IMZ Members costing €495


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